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Hello all. Second post here. Well, the late issue PCGS silver proof 68/69/70 dimes, quarters and halves seem to be finding their way into my collection here lately. Haven't done the 40% silver Eisenhower dollar yet. I just think the Cameos are awesome and the details on these silver coins are awesome. Affordable for an old poot like me also. To each his own I guess. I am not trying to complete any sets of anything. I just like to add another, well priced silver coin to the collection every now and then. I like the bling factor I may be wrong, but it seems there is a lot of folks that don't care for the U.S. Mint coins. That is ok also. They sure do churn out more new stuff than I could ever keep up with. I have several of the America the Beautiful silver quarters, but dang, the Mint churns out new style quarters every month it seems. I wonder if they will ever do a set of WalMart quarters. One for each store in every state. LOL. Mike in Missouri


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    @GUNNER63755 Welcome to the forum Mike. Everybody has his/her own collecting taste, no need to apologize for yours. Many of us appreciate all types of coins, I believe! Happy collecting!

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    Thank you George.

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    @GUNNER63755 sure thing Mike! I have some sets of BU/Proof Statehood quarters that I am trying to fill ... including the silver ones. I have had them in Dansco albums for many years, and some of them are getting really pretty toning! Have a good day and keep us posted on your new bling!

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    Welcome to the forum :smile:

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    Welcome to the Forum! Collect what you like, you will find that your tastes may change over the years and there is a lot of areas to explore.

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    @GUNNER63755 I’m with you on that front. I buy silver over dinners out. Have so many “ATB hockey pucks” I can build a wall. I have many items. Sell some buy more. Here is an Ike for viewing pleasure. Godspeed.

    Best place to buy !
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    Welcome aboard.

    Tempus fugit.
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