1965 Canadian nickel 138 dots as opposed to 119

I have a 1965 Canadian nickel with 119 dots on the obverse and 128 on the reverse,all the features that the big dot coin is supposed to have it seems mine also seems to match the description such as a line between the two Roman numerals ll and a line through the I in Regina seems to line up just to the right of the dot ,are there supposed to be the same number of dots on the reverse as the obverse,and why dose my coin match the description of the rarer of the two versions thanks Edward beaulieu,oh, and hello everyone from so. California new here been collecting u.s. error coins for some 10 years now so I have a lot to show and inquire about thanks


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    I believe that your question(s) were answered on the CCF Canadian forum. It makes no difference how many beads are on the Reverse and there are not the same number Obv & Rev. The scarce variety is verified by counting beads on the Obverse (Monarch) side. Don't draw any lines because it's too easy to be off a smidgeon.... just count the obverse beads. You have a very common coin.

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    agree with SYL

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