Ancient Greek collectors at NYINC?

Any collectors of ancient Greek coins going to NYINC on Friday? I decided to skip the auctions and try the bourse floor instead as I think that may be more educational. But I need a little more motivation to drag my butt all the way to New York.


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    This is a bit OT to your thread, but it seems like you live near NYC. As such, I’d like to recommend the NY Numismatic Club to you. There are annual membership dues, and each monthly club meeting has a cost for the dinner.

    The membership is filled with very knowledgeable folks, professionals as well as collectors. The NYNC is ANA Member Club #1, and one of our earliest members was Victor David Brenner.

    Several forum members are also members.

    I mention this because our club has a lot of expertise on Ancient Greek coinage.


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    Thanks, I'll look into it!

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