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Autograph Baseball Grading vs. Autograph Grading

As of summer 2017, PSA has opened its general Autograph Grading service to single-signed baseballs whereas previously they were only permitted under the full, Autographed Baseball Grading service.

Under the basic Autographed Grading service, the autograph itself is the only element of a signed item that receives a grade, while under the Autographed Baseball Grading service, both the autograph and the baseball are assigned individual grades as well as one final, overall grade.

As such, please note that the service selected for a single-signed baseball submission will determine which category in the PSA/DNA Set Registry it is ultimately eligible for. For instance, if a single-signed baseball is submitted under the Autograph Grading service, which assigns a grade to only the autograph, it will solely qualify for the Any Medium categories. If a single-signed baseball is submitted under the full, Autographed Baseball Grading service, which assigns individual grades for the autograph and baseball along with an overall grade, it still qualifies for any Single-Signed Baseball category as it has in the past.

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