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Thinking of selling the #1 - 1972 O-PEE-CHEE Baseball Registry set

My question is whether I should post here or on Buy, Sell, Trade to gauge interest before taking conversations private?

Frank Bakka

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  • I actually did speak with Tom Salem about the set after the question appeared on the board. And as of last night - a deal was struck that both I and the buyer are happy with. My set will be retired and it won't be long before a new 72 OPC Baseball King emerges!

  • Thanks bobsbbcards. Yes I am happy. Slightly less than I wanted, but slightly more than the buyer wanted to pay. I thought about breaking it up so no one person could claim the top spot on the Registry for a while. But, in the end it's someone that I've dealt with before - much simpler as a single deal - and a very easy transaction.

  • SlipCSlipC Posts: 99 ✭✭✭

    Frank - Congrats on the sale. I always thought of you as the original King of the 72's!
    Been a long time.

    It's been a long, long time!
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