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This Week at GreatCollections Coin & Currency Auctions

This week we are presenting thousands of certified coins and certified currency.  Currency highlights are below.

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Auction Highlights at GreatCollections
Certified Currency
[Coin Photo]
Fr. 1215 1922 $100 Gold Certificate Note Speelman / White PMG Very Fine 25
Current Bid $827 (31 Bids)
[Coin Photo]
Fr. 83 1907 $5 Legal Tender Note Vernon / Treat PMG Very Fine 25 Net
Current Bid $105 (18 Bids)
[Coin Photo]
Fr. 1804-1 Detroit, Michigan 1929 Type 1 $100 First National Bank of Detroit Note Jones / Woods PMF Very Fine 30
Current Bid $155 (9 Bids)
[Coin Photo]
Fr. 278 1899 $5 Silver Certificate Note Teehee / Burke PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45
Current Bid $1,750 (63 Bids)
[Coin Photo]
Fr. 224 1896 $1 Silver Certificate Note Tillman / Morgan PMG Extremely Fine 40
Current Bid $649 (32 Bids)
[Coin Photo]
Fr. 235 1899 $1 Silver Certificate Note Elliott / White PMG Choice Uncirculated 63 EPQ
Current Bid $370 (50 Bids)
[Coin Photo]
Fr. 1187 1922 $20 Gold Certificate Note Speelman / White PMG Extremely Fine 40
Current Bid $375 (32 Bids)
[Coin Photo]
Fr. 1187 1922 $20 Gold Certificate Note Speelman / White PMG Choice Very Fine 35
Current Bid $323 (22 Bids)
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