1966 Topps Rogers Maris (You Grade)

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Your thoughts on potential grade/would you sub it/value if sold raw. The back shows a bit of tanning (is that wax?) in one part not sure how that would impact, particularly in the "Roger cracked 61" blurb corner. What price you would consider this to be "a good buy". Thanks for your input.

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    While I probably won't be able to help you, if you have a scan, others would have a better chance to give a good idea.



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    5 with a wrinkle, 6 with a back wrinkle, 8.5 if no wrinkles.

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    Ok, don't think there's any wrinkles. BTW, the "gluish" residue on the and trying to catch his 61 ball is on sheet, not card. Thoughts on the browning in the one corner? Does PSA accept this type of tanning/imbeddded wax stains on higher grade stuff?

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    8 or 8.5

    nice card back looks ok

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    Gem mint 10. Nice price would be about 2,500.00 raw.
    Jk but it does look super sharp and raw. Full book would'nt be a bad buy in that condition.

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    If the browning is just normal discoloration from age it shouldn't affect the grade. If it is a wax stain it may get graded with a ST qualifier.

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    8 staining/toning won't effect grade. No idea on $

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    7.5, yes based upon cartoon corner on back

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    The top and bottom border seem to have a slight slant and the registration is a little off on the front of the card. As others have mentioned there is some discoloration on the back. Overall the card looks nice, but I'm thinking a PSA 8 for a grade.


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