NEWPs: 2 Spanish Cincuentin Restrikes

These things are massive and apparently tough to find as restrikes. Can't afford an original so these will do! Still not cheap.

Spanish Phillip III Restrike 50 Reales 1609 (made in 1985). 76mm. 187.5 grams. Massive 6.0 Troy Ounces of .930 Silver. Edge marked: 'MEDAL OM-UO 15/100' (No. 15 specimen). The dies supposedly were prepared as a training exercise in the Madrid Mint in the 19th Century. The dies left the Mint in the 1980's. However, this specimen flan is different as Krause Unusual World Coins catalog's variety. Mintage: 100 units compare to Krause's X# MA1 250 units. Rare. A faithful replication of one of the famously immense (and valuable) silver coins of 50 reales struck in the early 1600s.

Spain, AR medal of a Segovia 50 reales (cincuentin) made from art school dies from Seville restrike of 1610. 70mm, 146.5 grams. Engraved F.A.S. (Federacion de Artesanos de Sevilla) MEDALLA PUERTO RICO 115 and PLATA 999 on the edge.


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    Is there something on the coin to ID it from a genuine piece besides its condition? Are they thicker, heavier, etc? Thank goodness Spain does not seek to have those beauties DEFACED with "copy!"

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    other than the blue ink mark at 11 o'clock :# , I like it for sure, cool newp!

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