NEWPS: 1880 Austria 2 Florin, 1932 Iraq Riyal

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Bought these two coins - one for core, other for curiosity and conditional rarity.

1880 Austria. Emperor Franz Joseph I (1848 – 1916) 2 Florin. Vienna Mint. 36mm. Engraver Anton Scharff. DAV-32. KM-XM6. Peltzer, 1932; Hauser 5101; Thun 465. Frühwald 1911. Steulm. P.125, 1; ANK 55; 1911.Struck to commemorate the First Federal Shooting Festival On the occasion of the Austrian Confederation in Vienna, 1880. Obv: Crowned Double Eagle in Coat of Arms. Rev. Standing city goddess, Vindobona, with flag and coat of arms next to the sitting Austria. Lightly-patinated surfaces accented by iridescent hues of turquoise and amber residing within the reverse motifs. PCGS MS-65.

Iraq. King Faisal I mint year AH1350//1932. One Riyal. KM-101. 500,000 minted. 34mm, 29gr. Obverse: Head of King Faisal I right. "Faisal Al-awal" (Faisal the First) written right side anti-clockwise. "Malik Al-Iraq" (King of Iraq) written left anti-clockwise. Reverse: "Al Mamlakah" (Kingdom) written above. 1932AD year on left and AH1350 year on right. Value (1 Riyal) in center circle. "Al-Iraqiyah" (Iraq) written below.This coin is extremely rare in mint state condition (finest is MS-64) and this particular one is the finest graded. PCGS MS-62.


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