Can anyone read/translate this handwritten note in French?

I found this in an inside pocket of a Charvet Bespoke suit I just bought. It written on the back of a Charvet form. Thanks


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    Some kind of directions to find a place or a thing? Directions of where to deliver the suit? Directions about fixing the collar of the suit? Directions about sewing/embroidery? The handwriting (and the photos) are not the best (nor is my rudimentary French).

    First line may contain two street names (maybe) or place names or design names: Colonel Bee and The English Colonel?

    Second line: 'to the right, then left'

    last three words third line: 'the one at the top'

    If you could shoot this better would try to decipher the handwriting. Or wait and see if a French person notices.


    Terrible handwriting, I can't make out more than what's been already said.



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    Col is collar.

    1st script line Something collar. Bee on the collar. "a l'anglaise fleur?" to the English flower?

    2nd line "a droite qu'a gauche" to the right as to the left?

    3rd line "marche" illegible "du cor/col droit?" to the right collar? "celui du haut" the higher one?

    4th line "col plus court?" shorter collar "et fleur haut" illegible "and higher flower?"

    5th line Repreuve Refitting? rest illegible

    Sorry, my French is not too bad but this is terribly difficult to read. It all looks like alterations/design notes of some kind.

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    Maybe it's directions to a tailor... Hopefully not to the cleaners if it is coin related...

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