Two dollar battleship note is the USS Nevada

The two dollar battleship note is a Nevada class battleship, Most likely the USS Nevada it was the newest battleship commissioned in 1914. The New York and Texas are of an older class. As many others I thought it was the Texas or New York but, my son came home this week and I gave him my Battleship note and told him what ship I thought it was. He looked at it for a while then went into a US Navy site and matched it perfectly with the USS Nevada of 1914. I tend to believe him he graduated from the US Naval Academy and spent 8 years in the Marines and now is an engineer working for the Navy and Marine Corps in Washington DC. I hope this information can help. The Nevada survived WW 1 and WW 2 and was destroyed after WW 2 when the Navy was testing the effects of the A Bomb on ships. It's somewhere on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


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