The Company Name Tells It All!

Just received a mail order catalogue named THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED. They have numerous numismatic related promo item. One caught my eye: One Dollar Silver Certificate Collection. U.S. SilverCertificates...2 $1 Silver Certificates from 2 DIFFERENT FEDERAL RESERVE BRANCHES in protective vinyl portfolio. $19.98. I DID NOT KNOW THAT!


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    Hmm, in all my years of paper money collecting I never knew the Federal Reserve was responsible, stupid me, I thought it was the US Treasury.

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    :) !!!

  • These guys are a division of Johnson Smith Company, a business that's been in operation over 100 years. Fun fact: Johnson Smith's ads appeared on the back cover of some of the most important and valuable Golden Age comic books ever published, including the very first appearances of Superman (Action Comics #1, 1938) and Batman (Detective Comics #27, 1939).

    Fake Yankee Stadium fail!
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