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Digitized U.S. Mint letters - Reason for posts

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As some have noticed, I’ve posted several threads relating to digitized copies of US Mint letters from volumes of “fair copies.” Individually, it is hoped the posts have been interesting and informative, but there is an additional motive to the posts.

Every volume includes communications regarding each of the mints, their operations, restrictions, errors and production orders. Letters also list materials with costs used at the mints and responses to Congressional inquiries. For example - First Electric Light contract at the New Orleans Mint:

For those particularly interested in understanding the workings of the small mints at Carson and New Orleans, these volumes provide information not available elsewhere. And, nearly all of this information has never been accessed before. If you, or an acquaintance, are curious about internal events in the Mint Bureau, I recommend you take a few minutes and leaf through the volumes in Entry 235. These are available for free through the Newman Numismatic Portal (NNP) at Washington University of St. Louis, and the generosity of Eric P. Newman.

Right now, only a few volumes have been digitized, but more will be forthcoming; it’s a slow, tedious process. Each volume is approximately 500 pages plus an index.


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