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Counterfeit Michael Jordan Autographed Rookie Card In Blue Slab Bought On Ebay

Ebay Auction #253180418613
Sent Into PSA to Flip To Red Slab And Have Card Graded And Was Told By PSA As Per Letter Card Was Counterfeit Along with Label And Autograph is A Forgery. Card Fooled Me But Now That I Look Back I Can See Label Is Bad. Seller Wants Card Back In Original Holder As Received To Refund My Money Thru PAY PAL Which PSA Will Not Do Because Of As Per PSA The Entire Product Is Fraudulent And Case Must Be Destroyed. Seller Seems To Think That Because Of This He Can Cheat Me Out The Money I Spent Get Card Back And Resale Again To Someone That Will Not Send Into PSA. Any Help Please. I Would Like To Know Legal Options Available That Would Not Require Me To Send Card Back Seller As Per PAY PAL To Get My Money Back. Also Any Help In Counterfeit Jordan Rookie Cards Because I Just Did Not See It In This Card


  • JBrulesJBrules Posts: 2,115 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would think sending the documentation to PayPal in regards to PSA destroying fake holders when they receive them along with the letter above would be my first step. Might also want to arrange a 3 way call with PSA and PayPal. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • VitoCo1972VitoCo1972 Posts: 6,127 ✭✭✭

    Bob, that's absolutely awful. I would think small claims court at the very least. I don't know what type of actual human you can get on the phone at eBay or Paypal these days but I'd be very interested to know. Keep us updated and sorry this happened, man. Awful.

    Plus, PSA and other TPGs DO have a relationship with eBay. Might be worth a call to Joe to see if he's able to intercede.

  • ZBobZBob Posts: 102 ✭✭

    First thanks for posts & advise.Over a week ago I contacted Pay Pal with documents from PSA to prove that card & label were counterfeit & Auto was a Forgery. Card Not Received As Described Right Pay Pal Money Back Please!!! Also told Pay Pal that I reviewed sellers feedback and found a recent positive feedback for a PSA 9 red slab Jordan RC Ebay #253139096580 which in my opinion is the same Counterfeit card stock that I got. After several calls and much time I was able to talk to a supervisor at Pay Pal and was told that PSA could still hold card intact to send to Law Enforcement (only way PSA will send slab intact for purpose of going after these counterfeiters). Was Also told that I have more than provided enough proof that my money should be refunded and case will be moved to review on 10/18 and I should see my Refund in 2 to 3 days. OK fine I waited only to get a Email from Pay Pal on Tue 10/24 that if I did not show proof of delivery by 10/25/2017 to seller the case will be closed and I will be out my money. Once again back to Pay Pal more than 3 calls later and several hours. I was told I may get some of my money or not and that the only thing I can do at this point is wait for there Email. Funny thing is that about a hour later I get a call from Pay Pal asking to talk to Joe Orlando? I hate stupid people my name is Bob not Joe maybe he was trying to call PSA??? Any one that cares check out Ebay #272900505099 on sale on Ebay IMO same counterfeit card stock and same counterfeit label same cert# as the one I bought only thing different is last 2 numbers go figure Ebay don't care Pay Pal don't care because the money in the bank is all that matters. I fell that these counterfeiters have jobs in PAY PAL maybe EBAY or people inside. PSA does not care at all because they will not contact anyone to stop this illegal activity

  • ZBobZBob Posts: 102 ✭✭

  • JBrulesJBrules Posts: 2,115 ✭✭✭✭✭

    ZBob, it always sucks to get the run around like that. I would still try and setup a 3 way call with PSA and PayPal. The key is getting hold of someone within PayPal that is higher up the chain of command that actually has some clout. Not sure who you spoke with at PayPal but I would contact them back and ask to speak with their supervisor of the fraud department. I'm sure you are frustrated beyond belief at this point but I think you should still be able to get your money back in full. I would try and arrange a 3 way call. Pretty easy to do if you have an I-phone. Good luck and keep us updated.

  • dfr52dfr52 Posts: 891 ✭✭✭

    PSA should be responsible for some of this as the cases were never truly tamper evident. An holder case that has not been cared for can show signs of wear that can be similar to tampering, especially when buying online and you do not have the card in hand until the purchase is made.


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    edited October 30, 2017 3:28PM


    technically you were really only sold a fake autograph, not a counterfeit card. explanation coming.

    but i know you are a seasoned vet bc i recognize you from the signed hof rc sets on the registry. i also think we were in the same smr article article last year about the same said hof baseball set.

    couple of things for anybody that may run across this thread in the future:

    1. blue flips never guarantee the card stated on the flip is an authentic card. never.

      ie, in this case, just bc the flip said it was an '86 fleer does not mean its an authentic '86 fleer card whatsoever.

    and i know your letter states it was a compromised holder, but we dont truly know if it was ever a real '86 fleer in there to begin with.

    psa realized the confusion and has since started using "trading card" on most of the blue flips these days. it was a huge snafu but again there's a reason theres two different flip colors (well three colors actually, if you count the green flips) but blue simply ensures the auto is real. not the card itself in anyway.

    1. did you use the paypal fnf option? bc if you did, then you might actually be sol, unfortunately. these sellers will actually give a significant discount to try and persuade potential buyers into using the fnf option vs reg paypal. they do so bc once the money is sent and received, there is no coverage and almost zero chance of ever recouping it. never use the fnf method w a stranger. ever.

    2. ALWAYS use reg paypal funded by an amex. always.

    by using amex, you add another level of protection. while i have never seen or heard of a counterfiet blue flip, ive run across 4 red flipped ones and know the process back and forth by now, along w other a few other scams of this nature.

    in my expierences, psa always cracked and retained the holder and flips and returned the fake card.

    i then had to return said card to seller w delivery confirmation. once delivered, my refund was credited back to my amex within 48hrs.

    1. there is no paypal / ebay conspiracy. these psa fakes are coming outta mexico. theres lengthy thread here and over at n54 about them and how they trick/consign them to folks via ebay and craigslist. so your seller may not be the true mastermind or even had the cards to begin w until it was too late himself.

    here is a well documented thread as i was going thru a similar transaction to this:


    hopefully this helps! there's also another scam going on w in which the jordan flight school stickers/subsequent sigs are faked as well. and ive heard that psa may have actually ceased authenticating/grading them.

    plus jordan is no longer signing the '86 fleer at his flight school. due to his UD contract, this was basically the ONLY place he could/would sign them in recent years. the kids got 1 item they could bring and get signed on the last day of camp.

    i upgraded my 4 to a 6.5 and if you happen to still need or even want an already red flipped jordan, lemme know. im sure you could fill a couple of holes that are in my set just from what ive seen from your ebay listings! ;)

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