Is this a good (wise) investment ?

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I've had my eye on a PSA 10 2017 Topps Heritage AAron Judge Rookie with the autograph in RED Ink 1/68 pop.. Is $2700.00 for this card extraordinary? The prices have risen since his robust MVP like September... Im considering a purchase hoping that he not only gets the ROY award but perhaps the MVP as well....... any contributing thoughts? Thank u!


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    Should make for an interesting discussion. 1/68 is manufactured scarcity. But there isn't scarcity to high end Aaron Judge items. Check the threads here for October, September, August, etc. pickups. Lots of Judge cards in those threads.

    If you love the player and are buying it because of that and not caring about the money go for it. However, you asked about a wise investment I'd have serious pause - it's very speculative (e.g. he's a rookie, likely ROY, maybe MVP). He's got a long, long career ahead of him to be a Hall of Fame player. Which card of his do you think is going to be the one that folks will pay up for IF he has a Hall of Fame career in 20 years? Check out what happened to his card prices after the All-Star game before he got hot again in September...

    I'd feel a lot more comfortable sticking that money into a vintage player. For example, I recently purchased a 1972 Topps football high number Hall of Fame rookie card in PSA 10 in the same ballpark price wise. It's a pop 5 item. I actually paid less than SMR price for it. I'd feel more comfortable, if I was looking to invest money like that, in a purchase like that vs, a modern card like the Judge mentioned (no offense intended, I'm sure it's a sweet card).

    Others might disagree and that's what makes a market. :) Good luck with your decision!

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    By the time you are remotely certain this kid is a HOF'er......his cards will be exorbitant. Already, if he wins the MVP?.....they will dart straight up b/cuz he's an absolute gentleman and he plays in pinstripes.....thats ELVIS, Muhammad ALi, Michael Jordan, and Babe Ruth wrapped into his potential. HE needs to win it though. Cuz he has to beat Mike Trout every year for the next 2 decades for the MVP. IF he can learn to somehow hit the low breaking ball out of the park or lay off it and curtail his strikeouts... His average will rise as will all of his power numbers and production.....I think the time is now. I love vintage cards as well ...great point! Thanks for the feedback.~~~ BTW ...I am referring to his 2013 Refractors and to his 2017 Topps Heritage autograph cards ...not to the myriad of other panini cards etc etc..... Aaron Judge is bringing Vintage collectors out of the woodwork to begin looking at the newer issues ....Ive always been a vintage collector steadfast......but Judge is getting me into the new stuff.

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