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A little background first. Relatively new to selling vintage cards. I had PSA grade a 70 Topps Pete Maravich (5) and 72 Topps Julius Erving (7) from my collection I've had since I was a kid. I was able to sell these on Ebay and did okay. Bought some warehouse cards online and got a PSA graded (8) 70 Topps Pete Maravich, and an (8.5) 72 Topps Julius Erving from my collection. I'm probably going to run up against the $1500 limit on Ebay as I do sell other things.

Is a business account on Ebay the way to go? Any downside to a business account?

What about consigning cards for auction? Good places, ones to avoid? What type of fees can I expect?

Other alternatives?

Open to all advice. :) Thanks in advance!


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  • What is $1500 limit?

  • Ebay had me at a selling limit of 30 items or $1500 per month. However yesterday they upped it for me to 60 items or $4500 a month. They wouldn't up it when I called but It seemed like once I pushed the limit they upgraded me.

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    First off selling big items on ebay with low feedback can have a few deterrent's. Buyers just don't have the same faith as a seller with great feedback. The 2 cards you mention are both in high demand and relatively easy to sell.
    In your case consigning to a auction service like Probstein123 and PWCC is about the same as selling yourself. Fees are posted on their auctions. is also excellent. There are many other good ones. So IMHO skip ebay until your feedback is in the hundreds. Posting here on the b-s-t is a good idea. Do have pics of front and back and a price. The price should be realistic (nobody here has just fallen off the Idaho potato truck). Normally it should be a little better deal for the buyer vs buying on ebay. Most here go by vintage card prices VCP.
    You can post a favor for someone to give you updated prices. Do an ebay completed search and also see what is available as well.

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