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PCGS Apps and Google ‘Play Store’

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I’m not trying to throw stones. But I had an issue on my Android phone that may be the result of either the PCGS CoinFacts app, or the PCGS Registry app. (And could have been a simple matter of my own phone being messed up).

But what better place to share the solution, in case I wasn’t the only one affected?

The Problem:

  • The ‘Play Store’ app on my Android phone refused to report what apps have been installed, or report what updates were available. Error reported was “unable to reach xxx server”, or some such.

Recommended Solutions:

  • Per web searches, the proper way to fix it seems to be to go to Settings-Apps-PlayStore, and clear the cache and data. Every resource told me that would fix it. It did not work.
  • I did find a reference that says an improperly installed, or mis-behaving installed app could cause the same problem.

My Actions/Fix:

  • Following that final lead, I mentally tried to recall what the last app installed and/or updated was. I remembered that a PCGS app had updated. But I wasn’t sure if it was the CoinFacts or Registry app.
  • In an attempt to fix the issue, I removed both CoinFacts and the Registry app, and re-installed them. The CoinFacts app did indicate an update was available. (I found it “odd” that CoinFacts may have required updates so close to each other....which is why I’m thinking that app may have been the issue).
  • And.....One of those actions fixed the Play Store functionality.

Again, it could just be a hiccup in my phone only. But I wanted to share this in case anyone else had the same or similar issue.

Maybe the PCGS team can report on whether I'm full of digested bovine grass clippings. :)

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