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Hostess Master set

Just to let Hostess collectors know there is now a Registry Master set for Hostess Panels including all panels from 1975-1979 including variations.



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    Forgot to supply the link [ https://www.psacard.com/psasetregistry/baseball/mega-sets/hostess-panels-1975-1979-baseball/16004 ]

    Anyone who knows how difficult it is to put together Bazooka panel sets (1960-1971) should be paying attention to the Hostess sets (1975-1979) because when you look at the pop reports they are just as rare and are full of HOF players and even a Murray 1978 rookie panel. For example there are only (10) Murray panels graded with (1) PSA 7 and (1) PSA 8. Compare that to the 1978 T,F & D rookies !

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    I really enjoy these sets. I have but a few panels, but have full raw sets that are some of my favorites I have collected. I am currently working on Twinkies sets. I am in full agreement that these cards are much more difficult to find than they seem to get credit for.

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