Which is a better investment? (pt. 2)

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Which is a better investment for around the same price..... A pop. 1/6 Carlton Fisk 1972 T RC PSA 10 Gem Mint ....OR.... a PSA 9 Mint 1971 T Roberto Clemente ? Lemme know your thoughts ...much appreciated !!


  • Personally I'd say the Fisk...for one the Clemente is up an unbelievable percent over past two years and in a correction might have alot more downsides. Second psa 10 rookies from pre 1981 are solid.

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    I would take the Clemente every time. Some HOFer's just don't command as much as others. I am a Willie McCovey card collector and he falls in that same category. I thin Clemente is a top ten 50's k the scarcity of the Fisk makes it a little more appealing, but there will always be a much bigger market for that Clemente, always. Clemente is a top 10 in that golden age of HOFer's (50s-70s). Tyler brings up a good point about the big run on his cards, but I still take Roberto.

    To be honest, no direction, but...
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    Yeah, Mr. Miller I had a hard time deciding but went with the '71 Clemente not only b/c it was Clemente but bc the '71 tough black bordered issue is quite scarce. I also decided to start buying the 1971 HOF'ers as well.... Lotsa nice stuff from that year ....I feel the same way about '71 as I feel about the '62 Topps set as well.... thanks for the feedback!

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