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Identify Duplicates in Registry

Is there a quick way to identify duplicates in the registry? Or should I just try to export my collection and do some Excel Fu?


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    TomBTomB Posts: 20,727 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Howdy and welcome.

    I am not certain at all what you are asking and, if it is confusing to me then it may be confusing to others, as well. Therefore, might you re-phrase your question and provide more information?

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    Sorry, Over the years I have ended up with duplicate coins. This was from upgrading coins and a few that I purchased before realizing I already had them (before tracking in the registry). Is there a simple way to identify coins that I have two of in the registry? I have been looking through my list slowly and identifying duplicate coins to sell.

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    1630Boston1630Boston Posts: 13,772 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Should be easy to spot if you print your inventory by date :smile:
    I think ?

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    That's what I have been slowly doing as I go through and work on a specific year or set. I didn't realize the number of coins I upgraded over time. I never sold a single coin and now I'm worried my collection is looking like an accumulation.

    Today, I exported it to CSV and used Excel to find the duplicates. I have to start selling to continue my pursuit.

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    GoldminersGoldminers Posts: 3,585 ✭✭✭✭✭

    In your inventory you can select active coins in your sets and also can select coins unassigned to your sets. If you keep the best coins in your registry sets, then all the rest are duplicates and you can then revise them and add them to the coins that you have for sale. Of course you can do csv and sort, but there are several ways PCGS provides to do it already, that work well for me.

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