Need info on brown back

1882 Brown Back Ch # 5903 Alderson WV, $5 note, & $10 Need any info, census, value etc?
VF range


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    Here's a start, you'll need others to supply more recent T&P etc. data. This census info is Version 4.0 from the 6th Edition of Kelly. There is an updated version 5.0 of the Census.

    2 notes not in the above census:

    Lyn Knight sold a VG/F $10 '82BB back in June 2004 for $1495. on an estimate of $750 - $1250. Serial # 11/Z119191

    Heritage sold a VF $5 '02PB in April 2006 for $862.50. Serial # 416/H278037E.

    Heritage also sold the sole $20 '82VB in May 2002 for $718.75


    US Obsoletes esp NJ, WEB Notes,

    National Iron Bank of Morristown (#1113) and Irish Currency
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    You could check HA results though entering the right criteria can be tricky.

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