Rarity / tanking prices 1992 D close AM,1988 D and 1988 RDV -901 Lincoln Memorial Cents

Hello everyone, new here. Good to be on the forum.
Question...the 1988 D and 1988 P RDV-901 type (Wide AM's) Lincoln Cent? I found an 88 D RDV-901 mid die state in a $25 brick of cents a few months ago, got all jazzed up and started buying all the others ( 1992 D CAM,1998,1999,2000 WAM Cents). The WAM's are fairly easy to locate and buy under book in MS Red but them thar 1988 RDV's are pretty wild and ferocious even in MS RB. Example being $450 + on the 1988 D and $100 + on the 88 P. The books appear way off?

The 1992 D close AM cent seems to be going on the block frequently within the last 6 months from $1500-$2400, is this rascal going the way of the 1999 Wide AM ? for only 15-21 being known this one sure gets around. Curiously I don't get much info on either of these variety. Anybody got a crystal ball or an idea on the direction of these stinkers?


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    As more are found, the prices (especially for circulated examples) should keep going down. I just brought over 3000 cents home that I had in storage to go through. I'll bet there will be even new dates of Wide AM's found.

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