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I am a dilettante collector of current US coins and often have trouble getting P minted coins.

is there a person in similar situation, looking for D minted coins? I would be willing to trade. Currently in need of 2017 dimes and nickels. Eventually will be trying to find 2017 P Quarters (Ozarks, Ellis Island and Clark)


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    lostdart58lostdart58 Posts: 2,938 ✭✭✭

    I only do quarters and am always looking for D's.

    Would it be safe to assume that you live on the west coast?

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    DBSTrader2DBSTrader2 Posts: 3,464 ✭✭✭✭

    sent you a PM earlier.


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    Actually not that far west, but west enough NOT to get any Ps. Maybe the Mississippi River is the line of demarcation. Not sure but everything I see (at least new) is D. I want 2017 P nickels, and dimes (really just two) and then the National Park Quarters (working on Ozark Riverways P now). I managed to get Effigy mounds and Fredrick Douglass P but it took considerable effort.
    Are there any particular D quarters you need?
    I am looking for the following Ps
    1969 P (no mint mark)
    2003 Alabama P
    2003 Illinois P
    2004 Wisconsin P
    2008 Oklahoma P
    2010 Hot Springs P
    2012 Arcadia P
    2013 White Mountain P
    any Perry Victory monument quarters (my first name is Perry, so what do you expect.)

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    Full rolls of each, that is pretty ambitious. I have been saving quarters up D quarters it hopes of trading someone for P. the quarters i listed above, I am only looking for a single quarter (except Alabama and Illinois which I need 2 and as I mentioned any Perry Victory monument 2013). however, one is better than nothing.

    I also keep extra of the National Parks, I know that I have duplicates Gettysburg and Chickasaw (I am sure I have others but need to check). I would gladly trade any for an Arcadia P--that will complete my folder. For some reason, that one empty slot in my folder preoccupies my mind. Obsessive Compulsive perhaps, but not enough to spend $3.15 for one quarter.

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