Collectibles(?) I Was Left - Help Me Understand?

ColtKKColtKK Posts: 13

I was given a few sports memorabilia items in my childhood and have had them for ~12 years (still young.)

I want to know what they're worth - I have to pay for law school soon. In line with that, I'd love to know whether they are in fact collectibles, or instead just shams a real collector wouldn't touch.

The first is a Barry Bonds autographed, framed, portrait with an "actual piece of game used uniform" and a plaque, 006/1000.

The second is a Brett Favre high school portrait, framed, autographed, 16/106, with two gold overlay medallions.

The third is appears to be a collection of signed hockey cards from the (1999?) Dallas Stars.

Whether these items are real collectibles or not is what I hope to get help with. Any knowledge is appreciated. This is a small sample of the small collection I was given, and just knowing whether I've got decor or collectibles would be advantageous.


  • miwlvrnmiwlvrn Posts: 3,133 ✭✭✭

    What the heck is Gretzky doing among the Dallas Stars?

  • ColtKKColtKK Posts: 13
    edited July 27, 2017 7:28PM

    Just hanging out I guess.

    Looks like the Stars cards are from 1997-99 though.

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    This is just too doofed as there is sooooo many of these where the CU/PSA site would NOT have been the first place they join to inquire on such things. Man up,

  • ColtKKColtKK Posts: 13
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    I'll man up if you write a sentence I can understand. Rude fellow. I'm only trying to figure out if I indeed have collectibles, on a collectibles forum.

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    Hi Colt. You can gauge the value of your items by searching for each item on eBay and click on "completed listings". It will show you how much they have sold for in previous auctions. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

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    Hi, hello, how are ya? - welcome :)
    Nice collectibles but they may not be enough to put you through Law School.

    Collecting 1960 Topps Baseball in PSA 8


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