Help ID and Value Old Tennessee Currency

I had a friend bring me these old notes because he knows Im a coin guy. I know very little about them other than the year and local banks, so I was hoping someone here on the forum could help give me a value on the collection.


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    Looked 'em up on Heritage myself. Found auction data on the two bigger notes, but nothing on the fractional note.

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    The $3 is quite nice in terms of grade while the $2 is more typical for the issue. The $2 is serial #4 which adds interest but little value. Both are payable at Jonesboro, which is one of the more available branches. These are not cancelled while some notes on this bank are cancelled and worth somewhat less.

    I'd value the $3 at $100-$150 and the $2 at $50-$75 and that maybe a bit conservative.

    The 50 cent is a Civil War emergency issue and worth about $25-$40.

    I can give you Haxby numbers on all or other information, if you have questions.

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  • what grade are they

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