Opening a box of Heroes Archives

Mail Call!

Was able to get the last box of Heroes Archives from a seller. Doubt I'll find these again specially for the price..


  • Typical box but fun, no keepers on the autos or relic so they're available BUT will only sell in a "lot". Not many will have trades I want but it's possible, as well as cash/trade depending on deal. Walking Dead S2, Falling Skies, Funko Pops

    Ashley Crow (Sandra Benett)
    Nicholas D Agosto (West Rosen)
    Zeljko Ivanek (Emile Danko)
    David Anders (Takezo Kensei)
    Kavi Ladnier (Mira Shenov)
    Gabriel Olds (Agent Taub/Sylar)
    RELIC: Noah Bennet

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