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    Hang on........not so fresh.I saw those as they were listed and quickly picked up on the fact that the seller was,well,to be polite,optimistic(and then some) on grade.Most all those notes are played with and 3rd party grading may not have done much for these notes,money-wise and,in fact,may have hurt them.For just one example....look at the 1869 $10 Rainbow.....sold for $1899 and touted as AU.T&P shows that the note was last sold on eBay back on 9/26/16 sold by Jimrob23 for just over 2K.The grade is listed as F-12 in T&P and what's with the crappy pics.......mmmm hmm.I tracked a handful of them and they each have the same(or similar)issues and histories.I didn't check them all but after 6 or 7 why bother.Nothing wrong with buying notes like these at a fair deal but the seller was being misleading about them.I find it questionable when a seller provides you with a robust detailed description about everything except all the folds and other paper issues that for some reason he just doesn't see...mmmmmm hmmmmm.

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    Thanks, Rob, you are one sharp cookie. And I totally agree with you, that's where the tracking software comes in handy!

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    Saw this seller previously. Each note I looked at (caveat- I didn't look at every one), had the distinct look of having been washed, trimmed, pressed, cleaned and/or similar harsh treatment. Track and Price and/or Generke census only confirm that these are being grossly misrepresented by the seller (either through ignorance or intentionally).

    I'd STAY MILES AWAY from these and any raw notes being sold by the seller.

    This should be a lesson.

    Unless you have a experience in grading raw notes, don't buy them off of eBay. These types of auctions attract novice collectors that don't know any better and probably don't know even when they get the note in-hand. It could be months or years later that they discover they over-paid for grossly over-graded and doctored notes. That is bad for that collector and for the hobby.

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    I contacted him offering to get his notes certified and asked why he didn't get them scanned, he said something about a new camera he was having issues with. Low count on ebay and substandard images looked at least like a probable sign of underpriced items, plus the fact that the items he sold a couple weeks ago only garnered one bid or so with all glowing feedback. The serial number tracking is a vital resource.

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    Yes, if you are spending hundreds or more per note, you need to invest in census information, Gengerke or T&P.

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    And if someone sells a large group of uncertified notes, even if there are a few that would grade with a ppq and/or above the ef level, you have the taint of the others where the assumption is if a few of the listings are hokey they all must be. So you have the value of real currency dealers or certifying agencies standing behind the material. I just hope buyers walk their material into shows or shops where they will get critical analysis in accordance with honest business ethics and exercise return privileges.

  • jimrob23 is notorious for buying notes from the auction houses, cutting them out of holders, cleaning the notes and listing them on eBay. If you are going to imbibe in US currency, you really should subscribe to T&P (Track & Price).
    If not, at least get a FREE Heritage Auction account as it is a FANTASTIC source of info AND the best quality. (Lynn Knight, Stacks & Bowers, and the rest are way behind HA).
    jimrob23 WAY OVER GRADES his notes and has a fair amount of returns & resales.

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    :) !!!

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