VF/XF dividing line

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This note is a bit of a challenge, picked it up from a dealer, called it XF, who is usually conservative, said it came into his shop from a NH collection of a guy's father. One of the currency pros on this site said it is probably not an XF. Corner folds, center fold is very subtle (pressed?), other wrinkles. http://i.imgur.com/ZdpInBm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/764egr4.jpg I used an led light to look along the surfaces without seeing anything that jumped out for me beyond the folds. Anyone else?

Are there any good youtube videos on currency grading? A quick search did not turn anything up.


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    Looks XF. to me.

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    It looks like a quality note, but if you have corner folds as well as lateral folds and wrinkles, it could be tough getting the grade of XF. I have looked at a lot of them in XF as well as q that look better. Experienced paper money graders know what to look for.

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    I would definitely say it would make a high VF. That without having a visual of the folds and contour of the note. Did the LED light show folds that "jumped"? That being "hard" folds. I really can't make out any said hard folds from the pics you provided. If they are in fact "gentle" folds, it would pop up to the XF range. But again, tough call without further evidence or as most say, "in hand" examination.

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    Most of the folds are somewhat hidden which sometimes infers the possibility of a pressed note. There is a light fold/wrinkle diagonally down into the portrait. Vertical fold, corner folds, above average eye appeal/color. But there is a big jump in price from VF to XF with all gold notes hence the temptation to cross the line on raw notes in claims. On this one VF notes are worth around $200, XFs can bring $400 or more especially if ppq/epq.

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    Well given what you have described, I couldn't give it better than (maybe) a high VF.

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    XF all day, in my opinion.

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