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My Morgan Registry Sets - Worth Upgrading Common Dates at This Point?

I put together the better part of a couple of date sets which share many of the same coins. Is it worth it at this point to upgrade the common dates? What should I do to better my sets in the best way? Any comments/feedback/tips/tricks about this or anything to do with them positive or negative are appreciated.

https://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/alltimeset/150690 (Proof Like Date Set)

https://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/alltimeset/143783 (Standard Morgan Date Set)


Things I like to do: Collect PL Morgans. That’s is all.


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    david3142david3142 Posts: 3,418 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think only you can determine that. You know what your budget is and what satisfaction you get out of owning coins in various grades. I also collect these and prefer to get DMPL coins when possible. The prices have come down on the common dates. Nice 64DMPLs are like $300 now. 65PL coins are cheaper too.

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