Who out there collects modern, circulating Canadian?

Just curious.......

I've pretty much exhausted my search for older Canadian coins, as I am down to just the harder-to-find, more expensive ones. Instead, I find myself mainly trying to keep up with their modern circulating issues every year (including ones which, like U.S. halves & dollars, are now only available from mint sets). It gets hard, sometimes, with all the recent varieties (colorized/non-colorized, frosted/matte, etc).

I pretty much do the same for my U.S. collection - - just try and keep things current.

Anyone out there do the same?

If so, are you from North or South of the Canadian border?

And are any of you interested in trading to fill holes (U.S. or Canadian)? I sure am! Feel free to post or drop me a PM.

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    I'm interested in trading. I have a ten cent and twenty-five cent album that I'm working on, plus a couple of the older Dansco type albums that still have a lot of holes. I have a hodge-podge of trading material from the silver era, some of it higher grade and some, well not so much.

    Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of modern except for a 1991 PL set, which I really don't need. I would enjoy hearing from you and knowing what you are looking for.

    Edited to add - I'm from South of the border.

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    I read this a few times, but I'm not in that collecting venue.

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    I'm up in Canada and if you need some dates - let me know and i'll keep an eye out for you.

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    What do you mean by "modern circulating"? If you're looking in your change, you're not going to find much to collect.

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    I think that his "modern circulating" Canadian coinage available to US collectors is very limited and they must go directly to the Royal Canadian Mint to get UNC examples ... and they (the RCM) stamp out truckloads of "sell-for-a-profit" common coinage as well as limited mintage special commemorative issues. The hugely vast majority of the 100's of RCM issues can be purchased at 30-50% discount from the issue price 2-3 years after issue on the secondary market.

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    I'm purely a Whitman folders guy.

    By "modern circulating", I just mean I try to keep my folders up-to-date with each year's circulating coins issued. I've found
    a few fellow members on this Forum who have helped me, or with whom I swap each year's U.S. issues for Canadian. I likely won'ind them in change down here, but those helping me up North might, or can get from local banks as they look for their own stuff. I do similar for U.S. each year for myself & others.

    With cents no longer produced, that just means the usual nickel, dime, quarters, loonies, & toonies, as well as any special commem issues like colorized, poppy, "remember", etc coins they still make available to the public. This year, that means the regular & colorized "Canada-150" circulating coins, too. Since I also have a halves collection, but they are no longer issued for circulation anymore, so I usually have to try eBay or fellow collectors for those.

    I don't go after any other types of RCM issues or collector sets. No slabs either.

    Hope this clarifies things. I'll update this post again shortly with a list of my Canadian "extras".

      • Dave

    Updated 7/17/17 to include my list of modern Canadian NEEDS:

    RCM: 2012(2), 2014(3), 2016(2), 2017(3) 2016 "Battle of Atlantic"(3) 2017 "Canada-150"(3 ea reg & colorized)

    1997, 1998, 2009 "Canadiens"(2),
    RCM: 2010(2), 2012(3), 2014(3), 2015(2), 2016(2), 2017(3) , 2016 "Olympic Loon"(3), 2017 "Canada-150"(3)

    2016(3), 2017(3)

    2000w(2), 2013w(1), 2014(3), 2015(3), 2014 "Whales"(1), 2014 "Exploration"(1), 2015 "flag non-colored"(1),
    2015 "Poppy, non-color"(3), 2016(1), 2017 RCM(1), 2017 ”Canada-150”(3)

    2014(2), 2015(2), 2016(1), 2017(3), 2017 "Canada-150"(3)

    2016(2), 2017(3), 2017 "Canada-150"(3)

    Small $.01:
    2006-P"magnetic"(1), 2010-RCM-"magnetic"(4)

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    Wish I had known you were looking a few months ago; I sent about $40 in change to a friend in Canada.

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    GaCoinGuy: Bad timing on my part.............. Think he'll send them back?! ;)

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    We're just south of the border, so I will keep an eye out. I'll be in Vancouver in a couple weeks.

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    Vancouver's a beautiful area! My brother & I spent week up there a few decades back during their Expo, and visited Victoria, Bouchart Gardens, etc. Not to mention gathered a few coins at the time! Thx!

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