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Found a Picasso signature....

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For years I told my family that the reason for cherrypicking flea markets, estate auctions and ebay is the unlikely event of finding a Picasso.

Mostly, I'm a coin guy but I recently opened an ebay store and called.... YardsalePicasso.

With a need to keep the items flowing I've been broadening my horizons.

Well today, I got delayed at work and arrived late at and estate auction an hour from home. Missed out on the intended items of interest... a couple of different Columbia Graphophone and Phonograph. Left over were several hundred albums. Some 45's and alot of 78rpm's (that went to another bidder).

Looking back I should have bid for them all.

Ninety nine percent were opera and the like dating across the decades.

The gentleman was a well known local with a house overlooking the river. He died at 92 so I was hoping for a buried treasure.

Dragging the hoard home for about $150 was a JOB.

After dinner I coerced my wife and niece to help sort.

A couple Beatles albums, Johnny Cash 45rpm's and about 200+ opera...

One non descript French Album was titled "De Falla Three Cornered Hat" with some mention of "Par Picasso"

Scribbled on the album is a note in what I think is French and signed Picasso. Set it aside and come back to it. No, I don't think it's a note from the owner but it has the distinct characteristics of Picasso's autograph.

I've looked at a dozen autographs and it has a lot of similarities including numbers used for the date.

Pretty neat all things considered.

I will post a close up of the autograph.

I will easily double or triple my original investment with the albums alone.

Fingers crossed for the authenticity.

Really could be a lifetime goose bump raising cherrypick to frame on the wall.


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