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PCGS Set Registry Awards - Vote for your favorite Digital Album

CosettaCosetta Posts: 543 mod
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Hi Everyone,

Below are the judges’ nominated albums for the 2017 PCGS Set Registry Awards for BEST DIGITAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Criteria for excellence includes completion, quality of images, and owner’s comments. You have only one vote so choose carefully! (Note, you must be logged in to the message board to see and participate in the poll.) Voting closes June 30th at 5pm EST (2pm PST).

The Gem State 20th Century Type Set - 20th Century Type Set, Major Types No Gold, Circulation Strike (1900-1999)

The Kankakee Collection - Complete Dansco 7070 Modified Type Set (1796-Date)

orifdoc's US Dollars - Dollar Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1794-present)

Robec's "Kaleidoscope of Color" Pre-WW2 Proof Lincolns - Lincoln Cents Basic Set, Proof (1936-1942)

JeffRM Liberty 5C - Liberty Nickels Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1883-1912)

ad4400 - Buffalo Nickels Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1913-1938)

Eagleguy17 - Buffalo Nickels, Proof (1913-1937)

Sonoran Monsoon - Susan B. Anthony Dollars with Major Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1979-1981, 1999)

StarEagle $5 Gold Eagle PR70 Collection - Gold Eagles $5, Proof (1988-present)

cardinal - Libertas Americana Medals

PCGS Set Registry Awards - Vote for your favorite Digital Album

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    I just noticed something I hadn't realized about the digital albums. If you click on a coin in the album, it brings up the full size images of the coins, so that you can really zoom in, even for the ones that look like the smallest in the album!

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    KkathylKkathyl Posts: 3,762 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I am inspired to put my coins in sets in my registry and finish the work. Great work to all who have figure out how to create these sets

    Best place to buy !
    Bronze Associate member

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    DrPeteDrPete Posts: 1,497 ✭✭✭

    Poll option not working for me, despite being signed in. Our Barber Half set once won this award and it is a real honor to be recognized.

    Dr. Pete
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    Viewing these sets has really inspired me as well. My 20th century type set is coming along and im doing my best in staying patient, researching, and having fun meeting new people along the way. Since catching the coin bug 6 years ago i have decided to go back and finish college. This hobby has really changed my life.
    ( That circ. Buffalo set ...... wow)

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    oih82w8oih82w8 Posts: 11,896 ✭✭✭✭✭

    TTT - Last day for voting

    oih82w8 = Oh I Hate To Wait _defectus patientia_aka...Dr. Defecto - Curator of RMO's

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    wizzy1wizzy1 Posts: 18 ✭✭

    To all competitors. It was an honor to be included with such wonderful sets. Thanks for the votes, and hopefully see you next year.
    The Kankakee Collection

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