Anyone into old glass bottles?

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Hey folks. I've been tasked with selling an old bottle collection.. I can't join a forum because of their captcha not working on mobile.

I'm gonna have a lot, just curious if anyone would help.

I've got these 2 so far, the first one looks like a reproduction and the other I can't find a darn thing on. Her clothes look 1940s tho, has a ceramic stopper, and I don't know what the metal is but it hasn't rusted.

I appreciate any help.. it is difficult relying on another party 1500 miles away to help get rid of family stuff that none of us know a thing about.

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    Hello, Those two have little value. Basicly the bottle with he Federal Law prohibits information is a machine made bottle made after 1907. The other has a lightning stopper and isn't that old. Here is a link that will give you a lot of information on bottles: The things that are major to bottle collecting are: age, embossing, color and type. If you need any help with specific bottles, feel free to contact me with your questions. I have been a bottle collector for over 35 years and hope that I learned a little
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