Franklin D Roosevelt Autograph

I was hoping to get some help with an Franklin D Roosevelt autograph. I have compared it to others online and am sure it's real.

I was wondering if anyone might know about the signature/logo next to his name and what it is or who it is?



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    A good comparison to authenticated autographs, it looks legitimate as long as you can see that it is actual ink and not a print. Common market value on a signed photo looks to be $1000.
    Also that looks to be the location he was in at the time someplace New York, he did sign off a lot of autos and letter with his location at the time so its not uncommon. altho it looks to be done in pencil and not the fountain pen.

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    I didn't know about him signing his location but still have not been able to find anything about that logo/signature/whatever.

    I am wondering if this was signed before he became President.

    Found the picture on the Library Of Congress website and also looked up who it was made out to which is quite interesting.

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    That would be the name of the photographer. Not sure who it is, but if they are famous then that can make the pic itself valuable.

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