Anybody else hate this call in the NBA....

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Where the shooter fakes and gets the defender in the air.....then jumps into the defender.....and they call the foul on the defender!!

No way that should be a foul. If the defender goes straight up you should not be able to jump into him and get the foul.

There are players that make a living pulling that BS move!!!!

End of rant.


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    Too many paid off refs.

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    yeah, like everyone's darling, Curry powder-puff.

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    @keets said:
    yeah, like everyone's darling, Curry powder-puff.

    And don't forget #34 that used to play for Boston. That was his favorite move.

    It should be an offensive foul.

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    Between that BS, the uncalled traveling, the uncalled intentional fouls that occur at the end of every close game, and on and on, basketball has become simply unwatchable. I would watch a soccer game before I would watch an NBA game, and I f***ing HATE soccer.


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    The game today is virtually unwatchable. I'd rather watch Dallas watching soccer then a pro hoops game

    DM- that would be Paul Pierce


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    I like the NBA except for a few things like this.

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