Beginner and triples

I have recently begun collecting one dollar bills that have triples in the serial numbers . . . Like 12344470

Since I'm a beginner at this, is this a useful way to collect? I never seem to come across any misprint or unusual markings or runs of numbers on currency. All advice welcome.




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    Collect what you enjoy and keep posting! This is a great place to learn and share. The example SN you posted is not quite fancy enough to carry a premium. is a good resource to check out for more detailed info.

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    Also, this website would be worthwhile frequenting as well:

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    Tooky's got it right(as usual)....go for what pleases you first and foremost.The way one goes about collecting(anything) is a "personal goals" type of thing.Each person has their own turn-ons and certainly their own budget.If it pleases you,you can't really lose.And,if you're collecting right out of circulation(I mean not buying notes above face value) again,you can't really lose.BUT,if your goals are to collect with the idea of profiting down the road when it's time for you to sell(or even just breaking even),you may need to examine carefully your strategy.

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    Sorry, triples do not make it any more valuable when you go to sell but they are really cool looking and you should enjoy your hobby so go for it!

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    Collect what makes you happy. I'm rather well known for collecting a certain type of currency that most people wouldn't touch.

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    Set strict rules for yourself. Only collect notes with a specific number sequence (whatever you decide you want). Other things to set rules for: denomination, condition (like only choice uncirculated, or nothing below an almost uncirculated), graded or not grade, specific districts you'll collect, etc.

    Why do this? Simple, it will save you money. When I first got into collecting I got everything that looked interesting. Once I focused my collecting to specific denominations, I sold what didn't fit my parameters, at a loss. The more you can define you collection earlier in your collecting career, the great the challenge, and possibly the greater the savings. Good luck!

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  • Here's one of my favorite notes that just happens to have a triple in it.

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  • Thanks for all the helpful posts! I can see I have a lot to learn and this board will help.

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