My FIRST Heritage Auction Purchase / Winning Item - National Currency (Brown Seal)

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This is my very first winning item from I didn't know how bidding works that's why I couldn't win from previous currency online sessions. One time I remember that my first bid was outbid. I didn't know about the live bidders during the live session. Here's the cool item I won and I am so happy because it also happens to be my first National Currency in my collection. Share your winning items too whether from the past or present.


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    Super cool, way to go!!! My first HA win was a nice Barber Quarter. We can just keep that between us though. lol

    One of my most recent wins. A really tough 1928 D-A block. I have a handful of these already, but this one was nice and the price was right!
    photo 1928 D-A 5 PMG VF35_zpsqc1aujml.jpg

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    This is my "_33_th" post!

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