Japan error coins--I don't collect them per se, but do have a few.

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Just thought I'd share these. I was reading a post somewhere that implied Japanese error coins are a super rarity. They do exist :).

The photos are my earlier attempts, but are serviceable.

Rotated die.
This one is a cool error I bought in Tokyo. A known error there, but not in the catalog and not slabbed as such by NGC.

Die clash.
This is another from a Tokyo show. This one at least is in the standard Japanese catalog.

And, my most recent purchase (from Japanese seller on eBay)...
The slip of paper shows the connection, and was actually in place on the sellers photo, made the trip safely from Tokyo, to New York, to Eugene Oregon (??? what's up with that USPS ???) and finally to me in SW Virginia.

with the slip removed:

Plus some rather cool clashed dies from an older 5 sen. I've seen this on several examples so definitely not super rare :)


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    Nice errors. You really don't get to see almost any Japanese errors

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    I was looking for an old post and found this one instead. Thought I'd throw a few more error finds onto the thread.

    A couple of brockage errors:

    A clip:

    Off center hole:

  • My son Cole said to tell you he loves them especially the brockage!!! He wants to know where you found those.

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    Thank you!

    The first two photos--the clashed 50 sen and the rotated die--I bought at the big Tokyo show several years ago. The 50 sen in the first post is from eBay but shipped from Japan. The clashed die 5 sen I don't remember, but so many of those are clashed it could have been anywhere.

    The two brockages came from Clark Smith (coinvault.com). The rest came from an auction house in Japan. Some of the prices on the off center pieces are mind boggling...but those are >50% off from the center, this one was more modest, but I like it.

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    I saw a very nice-looking modern Japanese error on numisbids, considered going for it but didn't, It sold for about $750 USD


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    Heisei vs. Showa, hole punch more off center, and in an MS-67 holder vs. my AU-58 which was MUCH less (still a bit silly money, but less than a third of that one's price).

    Some of the off center ones that are even more dramatic I've seen go for really high prices. Ones where no hole at all, $3-4+ thousand, or more IIRC. The more recent dates make them more desirable too.

    Needless to say, I'm content with the one I have, though somewhere I have a bunch of 5 yens I'd strung on a bit of yarn and hung onto. Next time I find that you know I'll be looking for something off center!

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    A new one to this slowly evolving error herd of mine. I've seen several coins with machine doubling, but this is the first one I've held that is a DDO. Slabbed as such by PCGS to boot, and of their 300+ 1871 20 sens (all varieties) there are 4 that are the DDO. This is the most modestly graded of the bunch.

    And the true view:

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    Some very interesting items. Thanks for sharing !!! :)

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    Cool thread.

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    Long time, no see Sumnom! Nice to see you post!

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