My Personal Collection and My Uncirculated Spender Bills ~ ENJOY


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    Fun! Cool pictures :)

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    Tookybandit : Thanks. BTW, I forgot to say thank you when I first started my discussion here about how to add image here. I was new here and I did not know how to post pics here. Thanks.

    I have seen your $1 North Africa repeater 33313331 and I really like it. I also know that you have a brown seal with a charter number of 13333. Congrats!

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    No problem, glad you got the pictures going. Fancy numbered notes are a lot of fun. It's amazing how eye dazzling they can be! :)

    photo 2c4ddde3-a0e9-4b7e-8ec3-a66cf75f7a30_zps2vuvezz3.jpg
    photo 1 FRN 2013 SN K33313331A_zps1m550us4.jpg

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    photo 10 Lincoln 1929 Face_zpskza36uij.jpeg

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    Thanks for sharing those cool currency you have. I like that you posted different color seals: yellow, green and brown. I love your National because both Serial and Charter Numbers contain only 1s and 3s. It would be more cooler if they are identical like both 13333 as serial and charter.

    If you have more fancies, please show them off here I would love to see it, except Federal Reserve Notes since they are common and too many of them.

    Here's some from my collection:

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