Looking for some clarification $20 FRN

I came across this 1934 $20 FRN and scratched my head. The mystery to me was that it's a micro front plate and appears to be a macro reverse, making it a mule? But look at the B/P number (204), it's lower than the book states as higher than 318. To add to the scratching is the S/N, it's an L/B? The L/B's as I see are all mules?
Anyone with some insight on this note would be appreciated.


  • SmallSizedGuySmallSizedGuy Posts: 742 ✭✭✭

    It is a mule, and also the tougher late finished 204 variety. Micro back plates were numbered to around 317. 204 was started back when micro font was used, but was completed several years later. The BEP numbered it the larger font which was the norm when completed.

    Jim Hodgson

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    Great find!

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    Super note!

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