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WTB: Nice Fine-VF $500 & $1000 FRN at great price. Also looking for #74, #76 & 1-9 of all types

Email me at [email protected] or PM here, though that is slower.

All of these are for clients, so please quote best prices accordingly, knowing I need room to make something on resale.

On the 74s, 76s, and 1-9s, all types of combos.

xxxxxxx74 or 76, The 74 and 76 could be anywhere in the serial. Repeaters, radars, etc as well.


Specializing in Low, High, Fancy & Matching Serial US Currency, with a special hoard of BEP Premium Sets & Products. Also modern coin rarities.

Fancycashcom on Ebay: myurl

[email protected]
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