Maddux69's Hank Aaron Autographed Topps Set Run- In Progress

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Putting together a Hank Aaron PSA/DNA Auto Topps set run has been a major focus of mine for some time now. I am currently 16/23 complete with the major years already out of the way. I am focusing on the eye appeal of the card as well as the autograph, well except for 1960! The 1964 has the pedigree from the MacAlister Collection, noting they were from the well respected autograph collector James MacAlister who passed away in 2007. I will be converting the blue flips to red flips in the near future and have the card graded for all. Sent most off for card grading, except for the 1960 and 1976 which I will be replacing at some point. Original scans have been moved to a lower post.

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