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Kennedy half dollar 1964 varieties

Are "carbon gray flecks / dark fingerprints " on the obverse of the 90% silver Kennedy half dollar exclusive to
the SMS type coin? of '64..
If anyone out there is familiar with 1964 SMS, coins?? heres a few specific ?'s
Do you believe in the accented hair var? I think its a product of machine doubled obv.
and the area of hair in question is directly opposed by eagle claw strike through.
The fingerprints again....Does that same pattern continue up onto the bust under ear and onto cheek?? especially on the neck??
on my example in the fields its just a stain. but on the bust it is lightly struck into the surface. like some sort of flow lines or a Topo map. they seem to continue right through the ear.
The satin obverse doesnt really match the luster or texture of the reverse...
whats the real number of examples graded???? still only one with d/D mm and FG on rev????

im lacking a 10c and 25c but im pretty sure Ive got 3 now ...kennedy, jefferson, and lincoln. maybe im
mistaken. Tiny d on all three. soon we will see. I've had em for some time now

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