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Selling Frenzy! All sorts of Low, High, Fancy Serials and more! Also Subscribe 2 my Mailing List

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Raising funds for my summer travel expenses for the annual volunteer work I do every June and July. Happy to make some INSANE deals! Take advantage...

Mailing list is free of course. Just send your email to [email protected] if you don't already receive my mailings, offerings and sale lists.

Also feel free to let me know your collecting interests and niches.

I specialize in low, high, fancy and matching serials, with a particularly strong cache of the fanciest serial BEP items, as well as modern coin rarities.

I use Ebay mainly for advertising examples of what we have in our inventory. Look us up there under "Fancycashcom"


Surya Scott Wohl
[email protected]

Specializing in Low, High, Fancy & Matching Serial US Currency, with a special hoard of BEP Premium Sets & Products. Also modern coin rarities.

Fancycashcom on Ebay: myurl

[email protected]


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