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Looking to buy, 1957 PCGS graded

I am looking to buy the following 1957 PCGS graded block Silver Certificates, i will pay top dollar if you have one to sell.
Grade 67 & up E-A M-A P-A Q-A R-A
Grade 68 & up B-B D-A G-A L-A N-A W-A Z-A *D
Grade 69 & up A-A A-B J-A *-C


Grade 67 & up F-A J-A
Grade 68 & up D-A G-A K-A M-A
Grade 69 & up A-A B-A H-A I-A N-A *-A


Grade 68 Q-A 3

Please contact me directly
[email protected]

Dana Wood

[email protected]

2015 Certificate Award Winner 2016 Certificate Award Winner
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