New Jersey Nationals

I am new to this forum . I collect New Jersey Nationals I am mainly interested in 1929 New Jersey $20 notes the rarer the better I also have and interest in other rare New Jersey notes.D oes anybody know where I might find some of these being offered. It does not seem that any of the websites that I found have any decent offerings


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    Welcome! I would check Heritage, Lyn Knight, or Stacks Bowers routinely. They draw big audiences so most sellers will use them for rare notes. Don't discount eBay. Great notes do pop up there occasionally.......and sometimes you can score a deal! There are several dealer sites to check, but there are too many to list.

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    I have a nice $5.00 Third National Bank of Jersey City 1882 Brownback serial #1. Contact me if you are interested.

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    Welcome MrWheat! :)

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