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Does anyone have or know of any National Banknote collectors with their own websites? I'm getting very close to launching one and thought it would be great to see what any one else has put together. Mine will focus on the history of Grand Rapids, national banknotes in general, and each bank individually. I'd also like to share my goals and have a gallery of all of the notes that i've amassed to date.

Collecting Grand Rapids, Michigan Nationals all denominations, series, and types as well as obsoletes.

Please PM me with any available for sale.


  • TookybanditTookybandit Posts: 3,274 ✭✭✭

    Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it.

  • drsvenghalidrsvenghali Posts: 1,033 ✭✭

    I used to but the domain lapsed. Couldn't see spending money just to showcase my collection. However, I do miss it.

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    I specialize in Wisconsin currency! Looking for information on WI national banknotes. Census stands at 12,318 notes.

    **"Wisconsin National Bank Notes - 2nd Edition" is out!!!" Only $20PPd!!!
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