Pencil notations on obsoletes

I have two very nice obsoletes that have been given grades by pmg as 58 with no epq and marked on the back of the holder with "annotations". I think i read on here before that this was a common practice for old timers to mark their notes like this. I'm curious what grade they would receive if i took them out and made a delicate attempt to erase the pencil annotations and then re-submitted them. Has any done this? what was the result? If anyone thinks i'm trying to be deceptive or make a buck I can assure you that's not the case. These are two notes that will never leave my collection. I'm just curious if the simple act of erasing (assuming no other flaws) would be able to possibly bring back the EPQ?? As i'm writing this I guess another question would be is it possible for a note to be graded by a TPG as EPQ/PPQ while retaining pencil marking?

Collecting Grand Rapids, Michigan Nationals all denominations, series, and types as well as obsoletes.

Please PM me with any available for sale.


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    PPQ/EPQ is so tough on obsoletes, and erasing may leave a clean spot. Would love to see pics! Live dangerously, give it a shot and see what happens :)

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    Many old timers put either type or catalogue numbers on the backs of CSA notes and priced them that way. Wismer used to send shoeboxes full of broken bank notes to collectors, raw no holders back then ( meaning no holders period). They were priced on the back in pencil, you bought what you wanted and sent them back. Glen Smedley told me about that when I was a kid. Usually a soft pink pearl eraser can remove them if not too thin or ratty.

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