Fancy serial numbes

I want to check the serial numbers of the bills that pass so quickly through my fingers to see if they might be more valuable than face value. Unfortunately, some are easier to recognize then others, so I wrote a little app that scans the serial number in a split second and lets me know if there's any I might be interested in. I found a few places online that show lists of fancy serial numbers, but I wanted to know if there's any types I'm missing.

So far I have a few basic types:

SOLID: all digits the same
REPEATER: same sequence repeats. (2 digit, 3 digit, 4 digit... nobody really collects 5+ digit right?)
RADAR: same sequence forwards and backwards
ROTATOR: same sequence if you rotate it 180 degrees (so digits must be 0,6,8, or 9)
LADDER: sequence of digits going up or down
BINARY: any serial with only two digits is good
DOUBLES: consisting of a series of doubled digits (like 55993322)
QUADS: consisting of a pair of quadrupled digits (like 77774444)
LOW or HIGH: start with six 0's or 9's. I'd probably recognize that. :)

The generic radar, repeater, and binary I think are too numerous to be worth much, so I thought maybe just the following for those:

REPEATER: SUPER (2 digit) like 14141414
RADAR: SUPER like 25555552 or inverted SUPER like 33366333, maybe ones like 77999977 ?

Any important bills I might be missing?

Thanks for any help!


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