Bond...Civil War Bond

Saw this in an antique store this weekend. I did not get it as I have no knowledge of this sort of thing. Thoughts?

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    This is a coupon clipped from the bottom of a bond and not the actual bond.

    Their value is minimal, perhaps a small fraction (1-2%?) of the value of the bond.

    Many Confederate bonds can be bought for under $50 and will often contain several dozen coupons.

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    Unfortunately it appears this coupon was clipped from a bond to sell separately, as the interest due date shown is January 1 1866, and of course the War was over by then so no interest would have been paid.

    Would have been nice to keep the bond & coupons intact. Hopefully it was a common bond.

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    Thank you for this insight. I didn't have any interest in owning it, but was curious as to what it was.

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